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5mm Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)




BEAUFYFLOORING Ltd warrants to the original purchaser for 0.5mm / 0.55mm wear layer the following from the date of purchase:

Residential & Domestic Warranty   20 years

Moderate Traffic Commercial Warranty     5 years


Warranty Terms and Conditions


Scope of Coverage

BEAUFYFLOORINGTM Luxury Vinyl Tiles range is covered by this limited domestic/residential warranty and the warranty is only extended to the original purchaser of the floor.


Period of Validity

The duration of the warranty will vary according to product, quality, and use as recommended by BEAUFYFLOORINGTM Floor. The purchase date printed on the invoice is taken as the commencement date of this warranty. The invoice should be produced in the event of a warranty claim, and it should contain references to the product code, its colour or product range.



This warranty only applies to products used according to BEAUFYFLOORINGTM Floor Luxury Vinyl Tiles specifications for domestic or moderate commercial traffic area. The following are covered by the warranty:


All apparent physical and visible defects, for example, appearance defects, structural flaws, ineffaceable stains, strong gloss difference between planks are to be informed to BEAUFYFLOORING Floor or to the Retailer prior to installation. This warranty will not cover any claims if the said defective products are cut and/or installed after the claim report is made.


The following items are NOT covered under this warranty:


  • Discontinued or phased out products.
  • Defects resulting from installation that is not performed according to instructions specified.
  • Products which have been stored in unsuitable conditions, mishandled or products that have been used in applications not classified suitable such as heavy traffic commercial areas.
  • Products which have been used or maintained as recommended in the Maintenance & Care Tips.
  • Defects or quality problems that are caused by unevenness of the sub floor or defects of the sub floor.
  • Variation in colour, gloss levels & embossed structures between the product sold and pictures or samples or photos of the said product, including colour variation of products made in different batches.
  • Defects or quality problems or discoloration caused by floor mat or carpet backing, stained or painted surfaces of objects in contact with the floor, cuts/burns/scratches/friction or accidental indentation.
  • Defects or quality problems or dents resulting from heavy furniture legs that are not properly protected.
  • Defects or quality problems or dents or scratches resulting from the use of castor chairs or any heavy point loading.
  • Defects or quality problems or discoloration caused by external factors or sources, including but not limited to water leaks, flooding, heat, fire and very strong sunlight.


Condition of Application

All defects shall be notified to BEAUFYFLOORINGTM Floor or the Retailer or its Representative immediately as soon as it is discovered.The said defect shall be acknowledged only after examination by an authorized BEAUFYFLOORING Floor Luxury Vinyl Tiles Representative or a duly qualified Authorized Agent.  BEAUFYFLOORINGTM Floor reserves the right to ask for samples that shows the said defect, if and when it deems appropriate, for its internal assessment purposes.



Compensation shall be granted for defects that are covered under this warranty and conforming to the criteria of acceptable defects, and after being accepted by BEAUFYFLOORINGTM Floor. Compensation granted shall only cover the purchase price of the floor covering material and shall exclude any delivery or transportation costs, installation &/or dismantling costs &/or other costs which are directly or indirectly caused by the said defects.


Period After Purchasing Defects Are Discovered Rate of Reimbursement

(Based on Product's Purchase Price)

Period After Purchasing Defects Are Discovered Rate of Reimbursement


Maintenance & Care Tips

BEAUFYFLOORING TM Floor Luxury Vinyl Tiles are highly resilient floor coverings that are extremely durable and require little or no maintenance. However, in order for the floor to perform to its full potential, all you need to do is just follow some simple and hassle-free care & maintenance tips, and your floor will look good as new, year after year.


External Door Mat 

Always use an outdoor mat to remove any grit or dirt from shoes before stepping onto the floor.



Sweep, vacuum or mop the floor regularly to remove any dirt or sand from the surface of the floor. Caustic or ammonia based cleaners are not recommended.  The floors are made for easy maintenance and a light wipe with a damp mop is all it takes to keep the surface clean. Wax, solvent based cleaner or polish are not to be used on BEAUFYFLOORING TM Floor Luxury Vinyl Tiles and are not necessary.


Preventing Dents

Heavy point loading on the floor should be avoided.  BEAUFYFLOORINGTM Floor Luxury Vinyl Tiles are not suitable for use with castor chairs. Where castor chairs are unavoidable, the use of a floor protection pad beneath the chair is recommended. Stiletto heels should also be avoided as well as they could mark or dent the floor surface.


Preventing Scratches

When moving heavy objects across the room; avoid pulling or pushing the objects across the floor so that the surface is not damaged. Instead, lifting up the objects during shifting is recommended.


Preventing Damages by Heat

It is good to note that all types of vinyl flooring are susceptible to damages caused by hot items placed on the floor or from cigarette burns, matches etc. Care should be exercised when using heating appliances that could potentially damage the floor surface. Always avoid items with a hot or heated surface to come into contact with the floor.


Avoiding Stains

Some products made from rubber, when in contact with the floor surface over a long period of time, might leave a permanently stain on the floor surface.  Avoid extended contact of the floor surface with rubber products, for example mats with rubberized back, rubber tips on furniture legs and certain types of soles of footwear particularly black rubber soles.


Avoiding Discoloration or Fading 

Ultraviolet light or heat from the sun could potentially cause the floor to fade or discolour. Therefore, extreme or prolonged direct exposure to sunlight through glass doors or windows should be avoided. The use of shades or curtains is recommended to avoid fading caused by overexposure to sunlight.

Furniture stains might cause some discoloration; therefore, avoid direct contact of stained furniture with the floor surface. Some paving paints or bitumen that comes into contact with the floor surface may also result in certain degree of staining or discoloration.



BEAUFYFLOORING Floor & its distributors, resellers or representatives will not assume responsibility for any failure of material that is caused by any of the above or problems caused by incorrect installation or abuse or misuse of the material. When in doubt, please contact the vendor from where you purchased the product.


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