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Our History

Gaining insight into the world, creativity excels

Overlooking trendy, intelligence prevails

Beauty flooring, standing out from the peers after 17 years


Beauty Flooring, inheriting spirit of creativity and excellence, experiencing over 17 years, achieve the top ranking in engaged industries. 


The Early Days


In 1998, Beijing Baolong optical materials Co., Ltd, the first Predecessor of Beijing beauty flooring decoration materials Co., ltd. was established in Beijing. In the booming era of private companies, Beauty Flooring relies on its advanced technology and excellent management, achieved around 90% market share until to 2002, becoming a leader of optical lenses industry.




Continuing Growth


However, the founders of Beauty Flooring company still made a breakthrough for expansion. After sufficient investigation, research and integration to market, in 2003, the founders captured a new opportunity, aiming to high-grade decoration material industry, establishing Beijing Aoya Crystallized Glass Co.,Ltd., bringing beauty flooring into another prosperity. At the end of 2008, the production of “AOYA” brand crystallized glass panels have been over 300,000 square meters per year. The capacity of glass frit production reached 12,000 ton, the sold products were widely distributed in many areas and countries, including the United States, Belgium, Chile, Portugal, Australia, the Middle East.


In order to create a more powerful breakthrough and a further development in the long run, the founders created Beijing beauty flooring decoration materials Co, ltd. In 2013, focusing on national and international vinyl flooring market, heralding beauty flooring company into a new brilliant era.

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